General Conditions of Sale - Terms and Conditions - 2017





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TRAVELBAIE carries out the activity of public road transport of people in less than 9 places. As part of this activity, the quest for customers on the public road or otherwise called "marauding" is prohibited and the transport benefits in the context of this activity are made only by reservation at least 15 minutes before departure. TRAVELBAIE can nevertheless charge a collective group or instead (several customers agreeing to travel together), and must carry a minimum of 2 passengers.


The customer acknowledges having read the General Conditions of Sale at the time of booking.


Our offers are made without obligation on our part, the reservation is effective after our acceptance of the request.

The fact of making a Reservation (via the online booking form, e-mail, phone call and SMS) implies full acceptance and acceptance of these Terms, which you expressly acknowledge. As such, you renounce to avail yourself of any contradictory document.

If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you agree not to use the services of TRAVELBAIE.

The applicable GTC are those in force on the date of validation of the Reservation.

Each reservation must include the customer's name, e-mail address, telephone number, exact address of departure and arrival, date and time of the service and the number of passengers.

An e-mail or SMS confirmation will be imperatively sent to you to validate your reservation.


Our rates are available on request by email or phone and indicated as an indication via our online booking module.

Advertised fares are quoted in euros and inclusive of taxes including all taxes subject to transport according to the number of passengers, the hour of the service (increase of Sundays, holidays and the night between 20h and 6h of 20%) and the day .

Rates can not be changed at any time without notice, unless a quote has been previously prepared.

The quotes are valid for 7 days. Our rates include:

The transport of luggage and small animals (- 20kg) in their crates of transport that you must provide us.
The provision of a child seat upon prior request when booking the age of the child (a passenger in a vehicle has the obligation to be attached to a seat at its size). The various services on board: soft drinks, local biscuits, refreshing wipes, touch pads with integrated music playlist, polymer rechargeable batteries, USB cords, audio earphones, portable DVD player for children or older children on request, Wi-Fi connection 4G for all passengers (up to 7 simultaneous connections), TRAVELBAIE can not be held responsible in case of crossings of areas not covered by the operators and failures of this same network, under no circumstances can the customer claim to a reduction or a refund of the benefit, because it is a service.
Fuel costs and unlimited passenger insurance & their luggage


The service is carried out the day and time specified during the booking, the drivers are punctual,

except in case of force majeure (accident, difficulty of circulation etc ...).
In case of delay of the customer (except at the arrival of a train or a plane) the first 15 minutes are

included in the invoice price, then € 20 per 30 minutes from the 16th minute.

No waiting charges will be charged for a train or plane delay. The customer will have previously informed the company TRAVELBAIE of the number of the train or the plane for the follow-up of the delay and its organization.

In the event that the customer having booked and paid for a service does not show up at the place and time he has indicated himself, so that the carrier would be unable to provide the care, the responsibility TRAVELBAIE can not be committed, no refund or compensation will be due, and the service would be due in its entirety.

TRAVELBAIE reserves the right to refuse a race if one or more of the persons transported is drunk, or whose agitated or violent behavior may affect the safety of the persons transported and the driver.



The reservation must be validated at least 15 days in advance by a deposit of 30% (made by remote sale after transmission of bank data by the customer), the service following a quote prepared and presented by TRAVELBAIE at the customer's request. The customer must detail his schedule of the day or days he must do, this detail must include the number of people, the names of passengers, the mobile numbers of passengers, the time of departure, the starting address, the exact itinerary referring to the milestones, the time and place of meals, the time and place of arrival at the hotels if accommodation, as well as the time of arrival at the meeting places. you, as well as the return address, the date and the hour.The service is calculated according to the information transmitted by the customer to TRAVELBAIE, the price is elaborated in the form of a daily fixed price including the route determined by the customer, the respect of the planned hours except in case of force majeure (road accident, works, difficult climatic conditions), the waiting times of the driver, the fuel of the vehicle and the tolls. Are not included in the aforementioned fixed price, the or the driver's meals and the driver's accommodation nights, these supplements must be paid by the client, within the limit of 25 € all taxes included for meals, and 80 € including taxes for hotels (excluding breakfast), which must be at least classification 2 stars in the French hotel classification. Regarding the journeys, the customer can not ask the driver to modify the route fixed at the beginning. The driver must request an authorization from the TRAVELBAIE headquarters, to be able to answer the customer's request, if the per day package including x kilometers is exceeded, it will be billed at the reference kilometric rate of TRAVELBAIE, it is also impossible to ask the driver of TRAVELBAIE, to perform hours of driving beyond what is stipulated in the regulation of public transport of people in less than 9 places.

ART.5.2: CANCELLATION SPECIFIC BENEFITS In the event of cancellation by the client less than 15 days before the realization of the service, the deposit of 30% paid will be lost definitively. In case of cancellation by the customer less than 8 days before the service, 75% of the service is due to TRAVELBAIE. cancellation by the customer less than 48 hours or no-show, 100% of the service is due to TRAVELBAIE.

ART.6: CANCELLATION BENEFITOn case of cancellation of the reservation vation on the part of the customer, TRAVELBAIE will retain a cancellation indemnity based on the total amount TTC.This compensation is calculated, depending on the time between the date reserved and the date TRAVELBAIE was informed of the cancellation: 1- For services with a total amount of VAT <300 €: Within 4 hours of the booking: 100% of the allowance. Between 5 and 12 hours before the booking: 50% of compensation retained. More than 12 hours before the booking: 0% of compensation2- For the services of a total amount TTC> = 300 € or event period: Within 36 hours of reservation: 100% compensation retained between 5 days and 36 hours before the reservation: 50% of compensation retained More than 5 days of the reservation: 0% of indemnity


ART.7.1: PRICE The price of the services is that of the tariff in force at the moment of the order, according to the quote previously established by TRAVELBAIE and accepted by the client.


ART.7.2.1: PROFESSIONALS AND COMPANIES The professional client has the obligation to pay the service within 30 days upon receipt of invoice.A Invoice receipt: Invoices are payable in cash upon receipt (unless otherwise stipulated) minus installments already paid. Advance payment by telephone: The professional customer can also pay for his / her delivery on board. nt with a credit card directly from the driver TRAVELBAIE. The transaction is immediately charged to your credit card after verification of the data of it, upon receipt of the debit authorization from the company issuing the credit card you use. In case of late payment on the part of the customer, legal penalties of delay, corresponding to a percentage of the amount inclusive of the sums due by the latter, will automatically and automatically acquired at TRAVELBAIE from the day after the due date of the invoice, without any formalities neither prior notice. These penalties of delay will be calculated on the basis of a legal rate indicated in foot of the previously received invoices. In case of late payment, the professional client will also be liable towards TRAVELBAIE of a fixed indemnity for recovery costs amounting to 75 €. If the recovery costs incurred by TRAVELBAIE are greater than the amount of this fixed compensation.he can ask for additional compensation, on justification.

ART.7.2.2: INDIVIDUALS Regulation cash: The private customer has the obligation to pay the benefit on the day of the service when boarding the vehicle or prior to booking ( except for specific services). Advance payment by telephone: The private customer can also pay by phone with a credit card directly to his interlocutor TRAVELBAIE. The transaction is immediately charged to your credit card after verification of the data of it, upon receipt of the debit authorization from the company issuing the credit card you use. In case of late payment on the part of the customer, penalties of delay, corresponding to a percentage of the amount inclusive of the sums due by this last one, will be automatically and of right acquired with TRAVELBAIE as from the day after the date of payment of the invoice, without formalities neither put prior notice. These late penalties will be calculated on the basis of a legal rate indicated at the bottom of the invoices previously received.

ART.7.3: TYPE OF PAYMENT ACCEPTED Accepted payments are the following ones:  Bank card (type Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard Mastercard, American Express and foreign cards)  Distance selling (VAD) by bank card  Bank transferÇ CashSpecies: Attention: our drivers have only very few cash in their vehicles, thank you to make the supplement. Rules accepted only for professionals and banking particuliers.Carte: by providing information about your credit card, you authorize TRAVELBAIE to charge your credit card the amount corresponding to the price including VAT. As such, you declare to hold the credit card to debit and that the name on the card is actually yours.At no time TRAVELBAIE can access or keep your banking data, except for business accounts.

ART 8: PEOPLE WITH MOBILITY REDUITE TRAVELBAIE provides its best efforts to take care of people with reduced mobility. People with reduced mobility traveling in a folding wheelchair and able to access the vehicle either by an accompanying person or by their own means are taken care of in vehicles TRAVELBAIE.Pers persons with reduced mobility whose transport requires appropriate means (vehicle loading ramp for example) can approach a company planned and equipped for this purpose.

ART.9: COMPUTERS AND FREEDOMThe parties to the contracts declare respect the obligations imposed on them by the regulations in force concerning the production of data are personal, including the Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978; modified by the law of August 6, 2004.

ART.10: ACCEPTANCE OF CUSTOMERThe present General Conditions of Sale are expressly approved and accepted by the customer who declares and recognizes to have a perfect knowledge of it, and for this reason gives up to take advantage of any contradictory document and, in particular, its own general conditions of purchase.

The personal data entered on the TravelBaie website are kept and can be exploited for one year and one day, for the needs of the company for accounting and financial purposes only in the case of a control of the tax services or in the case of an invoice due by the third party. At the end of this period, the data of our customers are automatically destroyed.

TravelBaie undertakes not to provide the personal data of its customers during the retention period for commercial purposes.